The Chalom working group created activities started from internal factory and benefit for workers The tree planting in side factory property, the land of factory full of tree created good environment and encourage worker to plant more tree.

A kitchen garden project set up every department can have their own kitchen garden, factory give the land on the back side for workers to plant vegetable and take back home for their cooking. The vegetable can only grow with organic fertilizer can not use any chemical.

The mushroom hut also sharing knowledge, Chalom worker set up mushroom hut and sale in the cheap price and moneyfunding in the CSR fund.

On the back side of factory the big pond allow to grow Fish and Frog. The fish and frog are favorite by a group of Burmese workers.

Oil & Grease Trap buckets are installed to all the dish-washing sinks to trap oil & grease out of wasted water before releasing into the sewage treatment system.

We offer 1 hour free Yoga Class on every Thursday eveing at 17:45 for our workers and local people in the area to participate
Surroundings of the factory
Design working environment with greenery concept, upfront office fresh with water fall garden.